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Dear Mr. WDSF President Shawn Tay! Dear Presidium Members! Dear Sirs!

All-Ukrainian Federation of Dance Sports sincerely thank you for your decision and support of Ukraine in this difficult time for us.

Because of Russian aggressors could not defeat us right away, the Russian Federation with the support of the Republic of Belarus has started a new wave of aggression against Ukraine.
This is an act of war, an attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, a brutal violation of the UN Charter and basic norms and principles of international law as well as the principles of the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Truce.

During this time we understood that Russians are not firing rockets at military facilities – they are firing at settlements and densely populated areas of large cities. With the accuracy of modern weapons, these are not erroneous hits – they are targeted strikes. Only in Kyiv, missile strikes were carried out on many hospitals and medical institutions. The rocket attack destroyed the Kyiv Maternal and Child Health Hospital.
Russian sabotage groups put marks on gas pipes in houses, on the roofs of buildings to aim these missiles. Supports of modern high-rise residential buildings with a high population are being mined.
All this is done for moral destruction and panic among the civilian population.
Russians loot , plunder and rob.
If any of you need proof, I can send a lot of photos and videos.

We do not have an answer to the question of when the dance sport of Ukraine will be able to resume, when our athletes will be able to return to training and whether they will be able to return at all.
We have no answer as to whether we will have the premises, conditions, funds, etc. for this.
Not to mention that one of the coaches or athletes may not survive in this bloody mess.

In this regard, the All-Ukrainian DanceSport Federation requests:
to deny All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll and Belarus Dance Sport Alliance with WDSF membership;
to prohibit any Russian or Belarusian athletes from competing in international competitions, both under their own flag and under neutrality;
stop the sale of rights to broadcast international competitions to Russian or Belarusian channels;
to prohibit Russian or Belarusian companies (including costume studios) from sponsoring international competitions, clubs, dancing couples and athletes;
to support Ukraine in information: join the dissemination of truthful information about the actions of the aggressor countries (Russia and Belarus).

I hope for your understanding, help and support.
Sincerely, Andriy Polyvka
AUDSF President

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